Sinerga develops and manufactures a complete range of dermo-cosmetics.
Sinerga develops and manufactures a complete range of dermo-cosmetics.


Sinerga  is able to satisfy every need of the cosmetic world, developing and manufacturing a complete range of dermo-cosmetics since 1978. 

Cosmetic forms:

  • Emulsions: Emulsions O/W, Emulsions W/O, Emulsions W/S, colored Emulsions (BB, CC, DD creams).
  • Aqueous solutions: tonics, mouthwashes, lotions, deodorants, micellar waters.
  • Alcoholic solutions: deodorant sprays, roll-on deodorants.
  • Oils.
  • Detergents (shampoo, shower gels, milk/cream cleansers, scrubs, mousse).
  • Gels, Lipogels, biphasic Gels.
  • Pastes, Toothpastes.



  • SKINCARE: anti-wrinkles & anti-aging creams, moisturizers, combination and oily skin treatments, acne-prone skin treatments, masks.
  • BODY: reshaping & slimming products, scrubs, peelings, heavy legs creams, foot creams, hand creams.
  • DEODORIZATION: sprays no-gas, sprays gas, roll-on, creams, anti-perspirant, body waters.
  • HAIR & SCALP: shampoos, conditioners, masks, lotions, straightening and nourishing products.
  • CLEANSING: bubble baths, shower bath gels, cleansing oils, liquid soaps, cleansers.
  • BABY CARE: body creams, bath cleaners, facial creams, scented oils, scented waters, zinc pastes, salt protective baby creams, baby cream after suns.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN: creams for sensitive and for dry skin, atopic skin treatments, xeroxis.
  • SUN: sunscreens with SPF, after-sun creams, before-sun creams, tanning activators, prolonging tan.
  • ACTIVE MAKE UP: face primers, anti-aging foundations, BB creams, BB cream lips, CC Creams, eye concealers, melanin spots concealers.
  • ORAL CARE: toothpastes, mouthwashes, oral sprays.

Dual approach:  
We are able to offer completely customized and personalized finished products targeted to our customers' needs or we can also offer a wide range of ready-to-market solutions.