Sinerga raw materials are appreciated by the major cosmetic companies in the world
Sinerga raw materials are appreciated by the major cosmetic companies in the world
Sinerga's exertise and know-how in the dermocosmetic field
Molecular Lab: a highly qualified R&D department dedicated to the investigation on the interaction of potentially interesting molecules with skin’s main targets.

Customized products

Personalized ingredients: a winning choice

A unique and differentiate raw materials is the key to competitive success.

Sinerga has enriched its offer with high performance tailor-made solutions: a special R&D service aimed at discovering new effective cosmetic ingredients, which are then personalized according to the needs of the major players in the cosmetics industry.


Sinerga Exclusive ingredients: how it works

  •  Sinerga is involved throughout the whole development process: from the preliminary findings and the identification of the molecule, up to the industrial scale production of the identified active ingredient.
  • The research begins in the Molecular Lab, a highly qualified R&D lab dedicated to identify new molecular activities through in silico tests (Molecular Modeling). This research allows to discover highly innovative and concentrated active ingredients, which can be used in cosmetics, dermatological and nutraceutical fields.
  • The discovered active ingredients can be exclusively licensed to cosmetic, dermocosmetics and pharmaceutical companies.


Sinerga Bespoke Solutions

Sinerga Molecular Lab offers three different levels of service:

  • Characterized molecules with proven efficacy, which can be given exclusively.
  • Customization of the molecular activity according to specific customer needs.
  • Full molecule customization.


To learn more about Sinerga customized products, please contact us.