Snooping Around Lab develops each year relevant trends for cosmetics manufacturing
Snooping Around Lab develops each year relevant trends for cosmetics manufacturing

Trends Lab

Sinerga has decided to focus on the final consumer and place him at the center of our R&D processes.

For this reason, in 2012, the company launched the Sinerga Trends Lab, a laboratory of qualitative research on consumers behaviors and trends of consumption.

In collaboration with SaL (Snooping Around Lab), a trend forecasting laboratory inside IULM University of Milan, we keep monitoring and analyzing the main socio-cultural trends inside different fields of everyday culture, such as art, architecture, music, literature, media, fashion, beauty, design, food, science and technology.

Objective: the main goal of the trend forecasting activities carried out by Snooping Around Lab is to provide creative insights for the development of innovative cosmetic ingredients and finished formulations updated with the latest market needs.

Research Method: Nethnographic approach: a qualitative research method based on the direct observation of reality in order to investigate the spontaneous interactions occurring in web 2.0 platforms, i.e. social networks, blogs, and discussion forums.



  • The detected trends are collected in Trend Books that, with at least two years in advance, illustrate with an iconic and highly suggestive language the most likely evolution of the main aesthetic and socio-cultural trends relevant for the cosmetic industry.
  • The trends analyzed by SaL are constantly updated and redefined on the basis of inputs from different geographic markets - Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America - and their socio-cultural contexts.
  • Trends Lab’s research guides our Scientific R&D Lab, which translates the emerged trends into skincare concepts in order to develop innovative ingredients and formulations that are successful both from a technological point of view and for consumers ‘appreciation .


The latest "Skincare Trend Books" by Sinerga Trends Lab are available on request.