The new Sinerga Molecular Lab is born. High-tech research methodology inside R&D Innovation Lab that aims at finding new affinities among molecule structures, re-difying the known active ingredients world for cosmetic, dermocosmetic and nutraceutical market

Molecular lab

Sinerga adopted an innovative approach regarding the discovery of active ingredients based on cutting-edge technologies and in-silico tests; the main goal is to meet the growing demand for unique, effective active ingredients supported by clinical evidence.

From the perfect mix of chemical, biological and biotechnological expertise, Sinerga has created its brand new Molecular Lab: a highly qualified R&D department dedicated to the investigation on the interaction of potentially interesting molecules with skin’s main targets.

Thanks to the use of specific 3D tools, we analyse molecular structures foreseeing their potential activity and cosmetic efficacy. The results of the “In silico” tests and Molecular Modelling enable us to better direct in vitro and in vivo tests, leading to the creation of pure and highly effective active ingredients that can be offered on an exclusive basis to the cosmetic, dermocosmetic and nutraceutical market.


Research Outputs:

The detecting work of Sinerga Molecular Lab leads to discover active ingredients that are characterized by both depth and purity; new molecules granting an activity even:

  • More specific
  • More concentrated
  • More effective
  • More bio available
  • Safer


How does it work

Sinerga Molecular Lab offers three different levels of service:

  1. Characterized molecules, with proven efficacy.
  2. Customization of the molecule activity, on the specific client’s needs.
  3. Full molecule customization.