Sinerga raw materials are appreciated by the major cosmetic companies in the world
Since 1978, Sinerga has been offering comprehensive and innovative skincare solutions
Sinerga's headquarter in Gorla Maggiore comply with quality and environmental standards and assures his clients the highest quality products

Ingredients' overview

Sinerga offers a complete range of personal care specialities, most of them of natural origin, deriving from vegetables. More than 50 own-brand cosmetic specialties, characterized by proved safety, efficacy and excellent "skin compliance".

Sinerga raw materials cover the following categories:

  • Active Ingredients: developed by our R&D Lab in order to satisfy the latest skincare trends.
  • Emulsifiers: plant-origin emulsifiers with superior skin affinity and a targeted sensorial profile.
  • Functional Ingredients: plant origin synergistic blends imparting the necessary for a healthy skin.
  • Mild Surfactants: obtained by patented Li.Ami.Aci. technology, with vegetable origin and available efficacy tests.
  • Microbial Inhibitors: for preservative-free claims.

Sinerga raw materials are known and appreciated by the major worldwide players in the dermocosmetics industry and distributed by a selected network of distributors covering 35 countries. (See the distributors list)

Our R&D and Innovation departments, along with the Sinerga TRENDS® Lab, work together to develop new ingredients inspired by the main philosophies of the cosmetic world in order to meet the diverse needs of the skincare market:

  • GREEN PHILOSOPHY: ingredients derived from vegetables (Green oriented) and pure molecules. Sinerga green raw materials certified by COSMOS and ICEA are identified by the correspondent logos:
  • HIGH TECH PHILOSOPHY: ingredients derived from chemical design with a vegetable inspiration in order to achieve high quality, security and effectiveness standards.

All Sinerga’s raw materials are developed according to the following concepts:

  • DERMAL AFFINITY: the majority of Sinerga raw materials is composed of amino acids and proteins, which are skin constituents for an extraordinary dermal affinity.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: research of technologies with a low environmental impact.
  • PARABENS FREE: Sinerga updated its offer by removing parabens and preservatives in most of its ingredients.
  • INTERNATIONAL APPROVALS: Sinerga’s raw materials INCI names are approved at an international level: Europe, China, Japan, Australia, USA, Canada.
  • HIGH TECH-INNOVATION: use of cutting edge patentedformulation technologies. (Lab Raw Materials)
  • TESTED EFFICACY: Sinerga's Raw materials are In Silico, In vitro and In vivo tested.
  • SAFETY: Sinerga’s raw materials are tested not only dermatologically but also on reconstituted epidermis and corneal epithelium, under dermatological supervision.
  • MARKET TREND: the development of new raw materials captures the inputs provided by the Sinerga Trend Lab observatory according to the effective consumer needs.

* Sinerga also distributes the active ingredient Ichtiol Pale from the Ichtyol Gesellschaft Company for the Italian market.