Sinerga, makeup manufacturer, has extensive knowledge regarding cosmetic formulations
Customer follows all the stages of development of the cosmetic formulations
Samples preparation of cosmetic formulations

Finished product formulation

How we work:

The formulation of finished products follows two main approaches:

• Starting with the Customer brief, we identify the perfect mix of ingredients able to translate customer's directions into effective and pleasing finished products.

• Proactive approach: we propose new development ideas by condensing our formulation expertise, scientific know-how and market trends.


A direct relationship with the customer

Sinerga Laboratory takes charge of all the phases of the project. It supports the customer at each stage of the development process, from the briefing  to the industrial scale production, sharing with him the timing and the planning of the project.


Project Leader: the customer’s handler

In order to grant a systematic assistance, each customer is assigned to a Project Leader inside the R&D Lab who becomes the project supervisor and the customer's handler, constantly updating him on the progress of the process. The direct relationship between the customer and the Lab ensures unequal flexibility and promptness in response.


Formulation Expertise:

Our R&D Lab has access to a large database of raw materials: more than 1000 cosmetic ingredients selected for their innovation, efficacy and dermo-affinity. This availability allows the creation of several cosmetic forms (bigel, emulgel, lipogel, hydrogel, emulsion water/oil, emulsion oil/water, nanoemulsion, etc..) in order to satisfy the different needs of our customers.


Synergy as a competitive advantage:

Sinerga’s know-how in the development of cosmetic ingredients enables R&D Lab to enrich its formulation expertise with chemical competences. Moreover, it provides a better understanding of the world of raw materials and a consequent ability to better identify the quality of a cosmetic ingredient by evaluating the clinical supporting tests.

As a consequence of this knowledge, our R&D Lab is able to formulate products by choosing only the best raw materials for its customers.


Clinical test development

The Sinerga Laboratory gives support to the customer during the clinical tests and throughout the whole process:

  • Advice on the most appropriate tests (with the support of experienced dermatologists and biologists).
  • Share protocols of clinical tests.
  • Communication with Testing Labs.
  • Preparation and submission of samples.
  • Regular updates on the progress of the test.
  • Interpretation of the results in order to make them more understandable for customers and usable for marketing claims.


Collaboration with internal MICROBIOLOGY LAB and QC LAB

Thanks to the presence and the broad experience of the Microbiology Laboratory and the internal Quality Control Lab, the customer can count on an even more flexibile and immediate response in terms of:

  • Validation of the suitable preservative systems of the formulation in question, to ensure the maximum microbiological safety.
  • Titrations of the active principles or ingredients inside the formulation.