Sinerga searches raw materials for cosmetic formulations
Sinerga’s ability to create new ingredients for different cosmetic formulations
The Sinerga Laboratory Raw Materials uses advanced technologies to meet the market of cosmetics manufacturing

Raw Materials' Lab

Sinerga Raw Materials Lab researches and develops new ingredients to enrich Sinerga cosmetic specialties’ portfolio.


Our know-how on raw-materials R&D is based on two core - pillars:

  • HIGH-TECH: we use high-performing methods to create and encapsulate active raw materials.
  • LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: we use renewable sources and energy-saving processes.


Sinerga Innovative Technologies:

  • LI.AMI.ACI.:  Sinerga patented technology used to create Lipoaminoacids, vegetable derived molecules with high dermo-affinity and performance.
  • ENCAPSULATION: encapsulation patented technology that exploits high pressure homogenization to obtain transparent emulsions and an improvement in the delivery of active ingredients.
  • MICROMORE: low environmental impact technology used to create molecules by microwave irradiation, without solvents and with a shorter reaction time.


Our technicians combine different knowledge and skills to create new ingredients able to meet the market requirements.

With this purpose, Sinerga Trend Lab provides fundamental inspirations to our Innovation department, by guiding the research in accordance with the real dynamics of the skincare market.


Molecular Lab: research on active ingredients through in silico tests.