Sinegra offers its customers a comprehensive formulative support
Sinerga offers its customers a comprehensive and innovative formulative support.

Formulative support

The choice of high quality raw materials is just one of the factors that determine the success of a finished product: indeed, knowledge and support when formulating are also essential elements.

Our R&D Lab, thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of its highly qualified technicians, offers customers a full support for the development of their formulations including Sinerga raw materials.


Formulation Assistance

  • Permanent support to formulators with detailed suggestions for an optimal use of Sinerga’s ingredients.
  • Immediate responses in solving any problem regarding formulations.
  • Formulation sheets with technical indications.
  • Video Tutorial available on request.


Formulation ideas

  • Formulation prototypes with proven stability
  • Formulation tips to exalt the claims characterizing the raw materials
  • Innovative directions in the use of ingredients


Full product development:

Starting from raw materials, our R&D laboratory can achieve the full development of the finished product, sharing the various stages of the process with the Client.
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