INCI Name:

Azelaoyl Bis-Dipetide-10, Citrate Buffer, Glycerin


Active ingredient designed to counteract skin damages caused by pollution, UV radiation and physiological metabolism. Its chemical structure preserves the skin health thanks to a double action: a powerful anti-free radicals and oxidative stress activity combined with anti-glycation properties.  Bipure is the daily ally against age sings caused by pollution and urban life. 


Natural derivative 


  • Ideal solution for day creams, BB, CC, DD, sun care formulations           
  • Hydration, moisturization, nourishment             
  • Skin perfecting (density, elasticity, texture, tone)         
  • Radiance, illuminating formulations

Mechanism of Action

Bipure molecular structure prevents AGEs formation and skin lipid peroxidation. Simultaneously it captures oxidant agents protecting the skin from damaging processes.

Key features

  • Protects the skin from internal and external oxidative stress
  • Thanks to its molecular structure reduces UVA damage and glycation 
  • It maintains the dermis matrix elastic
  • Wrinkles appear less evident and deep after 4 weeks
  • Promotes self-skin protection
  • Fosters good looking and healthy skin 

Usage Dosage



Clear Liquid

Efficacy tests

In Vitro:

  • UVA Induced Oxidative Stress Inhibition
  • Endogenous Oxidative Stress Inhibition
  • Antiglycation (AGEs)

In Vivo:

  • Skin density, roughness, hydration



  • Anti aging
  • Hydrating
  • Skin defense

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