INCI Name:

Hydrolyzed Pea Protein


Active ingredient based on enzymatically hydrolyzed pea proteins from European Pisum Sativum. It is characterized by the presence of fractions of hydrolyzed proteins having different molecular weights, which are able to work in synergy to achieve a complete elasticizing, toning and moisturizing activity, with also an immediate lifting effect. 

In hair care, instead, as it exhibits a keratin-like aminoacidic spectrum, it has a high restructuring activity and increases hair resistance to breakage.


100% vegetable origin.


Anti- wrinkles creams, serum and gel.

Hydrating treatment.

Lifting effect formulations.

Hair masks, lotions and conditioners, both leave-on and rinse-off. 

Mechanism of action:

Thanks to the presence of hydrolyzate protein fractions having two different molecular weights, Pea.Protein properties are multiple: 

  • Middle-low MW penetrates more in the stratum corneum or in the hair shaft, and thanks to its hygroscopic nature, it is able to donate a high hydration and tone to the skin, as well as a restructuring hair activity.
  • The high MW fraction has instead a protective activity, thanks to its film-forming properties able to effectively reduce TEWL and to protect from external aggressions.


- Immediate lifting effect.

- Complete action: it contrasts both the superficial and the deeper wrinkles.

- Deep and long-lasting hydration.

- Plumping and elasticizing effect.

- Restructuring and strengthening activity.




Powder (water soluble)

Efficacy Test:

in vivo skincare:

  • Profilometry (Rugosity)
  • TEWL 
  • Hydration
  • Firmness, Elasticity, Tiring effect

In vivo haircare:

  • Strengthening
  • Restructuring




  • Anti aging
  • Hair care
  • Hydrating

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