INCI Name:

Shikimic acid   (available also Chinese Inci name, listed in IECIC)


Patented pure powder of Shikimic acid derived from Illicium Verum. Verochic is a multifunctional ingredient with several applications: first of all, it allows to control and prevent the formation of bad odors by inhibiting the activity of the Lipase enzyme, therefore being suitable for deodorizing agents and feet care.

Moreover, it acts as a powerful yet non-irritant exfoliating agent. Compared to Glycolic acid, indeed, it exerts a stronger exfoliating action (+24%) yet milder on skin (after 24 hours, the area treated with glycolic acid was irritated, dried and desquamated, while the Verochic treated site was perfectly normal); therefore, it is recommended even for the most sensitive skin areas, such as scalp, or in case of inflamed and  irritated skin; its renewing skin properties allow it to achieve a glowing, even and purified complexion.

Finally, it is also a safe and effective anti-microbial agent, with a patented application on its activity against several pathogenic microorganisms without damaging the beneficial bacteria. The combination of its antimicrobial and antalgic properties makes Verochic the perfect choice in the formulation of products for the treatment of the oral mucosa, acne-prone skins, scalp with dandruff and onychomycosis.




  • Peeling and exfoliating products for a glowing and renewed skin
  • Scalp treatments to exfoliate or counteract dandruff
  • Oral care
  • Anti-mycotic nail polish or other topical treatments
  • Deodorants (roll-on, spray) and feet care
  • Maskne and impure skins

Mechanism of Action

Verochic inhibits the Lipase enzyme activity decreasing the presence of free fatty acids in order to prevent the formation of bad odors; it is also a gentle exfoliating agent able to perform a peeling effect on skin without irritating it. Finally, it has a patented application in oral care on its activity against several pathogenic microorganisms without damaging the beneficial bacteria.

Key features

  • Inhibits the lipase activity 
  • Antimicrobial activity
  • Reduces and controls bad body odors 
  • Renew skin
  • Counteracts bad bacteria proliferation without damaging the beneficial ones

Usage Dosage

0.1 - 2%



Efficacy tests

In vitro:

  • Anti-enzymatic 
  • Anti-microbial

In vivo:

  • Exfoliating effect 




  • Hair care
  • Brightening

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