Incosmetics 2019 - Successful edition

Also this year Incosmetics has been a successful edition for Sinerga: many visitors, clients and partners stopped by at our booth to strengthen the relationship and get to know our hair care family!

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pure powder based on a combination of hair-like amino acids which straight the hair up to 48 hours in a natural way, while at the same time restoring, protecting from heat damages and reinforcing it. 


an ivory powder derived from Pisum Sativum with a 100% European plant origin. As Pea.Protein exhibits an amino acid spectrum similar to that of keratin, it performs a high restructuring and nourishing activity, increasing also hair resistance to breakage.


Tiolisina Complex 30 PF:

aqueous combination of sulfureted amino acid derivatives salified with lysine. Thanks to its typical sulfur bonds, it is recommended in the formulation of antidandruff and sebum-normalizing products, addressing both the hair, the scalp and skin.



Vegetable derived lipoproteic surfactant with remarkable anti-static, conditioning and anti-frizzy efficacy, able to increase hair gloss and resistance to breakage.

Data: 05-04-2019