Sinerga at SCS Formulate

Next week the SCS Formulate will take place in Coventry, on 13th-14th November. 

Our England partner Chemlink Specialities Ltd has been selected as one of the 6 finalists for the prestigious Laura Marshall Memorial Award, which selects the most innovative cosmetic formulations.


Their “Time Machine Cream” is a brand new revolutionary plant-powered formulation, using sustainable ingredients.

The combination of our Leniphenol and Bipure confers a complete protection from pollution, along with a lenitive and anti-oxidant activity:


LENIPHENOL: a specific blend of 3 balanced polyphenols derived from the bark of certified industrial wood, it’s complete multifunctional skin shield: it  it matches outstanding anti-oxidant and lenitive properties for sensitive skins with a high protection from pollution and UV rays.

BIPURE: a derivative of Azelaic acid with 2 carnosine-like peptides, able to perform a double action: anti-oxidant and anti-glycating.  It inhibits ROS and AGEs formation determined by external pollutants and UV light, effectively protecting skin from both intrinsic and extrinsic aging. It therefore maintains skin natural brightness, youth and plumpness.


The light texture of the formulation leaves on skin a velvety feel without greasiness, and is provided by our emulsifier Prolix: a combination of a special polyglyceryl derivative of fatty acids from rice bran oil neutralized with arginine, it’s compatible with different oils and rheological additives in order to give a wide range of consistency to the formulation.

Discover all these ingredients by contacting us at and experience Chemlink SPecialties' formulation at SCS! 

Data: 09-11-2018