The importance of autophagy

Autophagy is an essential process to preserve skin (and our organism as well) healthy and young: indeed, it is a cellular mechanism that clear out damaged cells while recycling long-lived proteins and damaged organelles in it.

However, with the aging process or because of external factors, it slows down, leading to an accumulation of these harmful materials and to the persistence of unhealthy cells in our organisms, making skin look dull, wrinkled and prematurely aged.

Our active Trealix® is a Cosmos certified ingredient based on a blend of Trehalose, kosmotropic disaccharide, and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins. Besides being able to hydrate skin already 1 minute after the application and up to 1 week, it is also able to induce the autophagy process by 196%, therefore leading to a young, healthy and plumped skin.

This increase of the autophagy process was measured by the increasing LC3-I to LC3-II conversion in a cellular model, indicating the induction of the process. Trealix has been tested at 2 different concentrations (1:20 and 1:40), both resulting in an increased autophagy with a dose-dependent increase.

Data: 09-04-2020