Natural origin has started to become not enough, since it is something that customers start to take for granted. In their perception, also how a product is sourced and what this sourcing involves is fundamental.


That’s when concepts such as Sustainable and Recycling started to appear, highlighting the lower impact that sourcing a product has on human and natural resources. However, now there’s a further evolution in these terms, with an even more pro-active approach from recycling, which is up-cycling.

Up-cycling means to transform a waste not in something with the same value (that was recycling) but into something that owns a greater value, creating a virtuous cycle.


From this concept, Sinerga created Up-Citrus Extract, made from mandarin and orange peels waste from food industry and turned into a multifunctional, highly effective and sustainable active ingredient for skin, scalp and hair health.



Up-Citrus Extract provides several properties for skin due to its content in functional compounds, such as polyphenols, polysaccharides and ascorbic acid. It is suitable for both young skins, as it is able to slow down sagging and loss of tone by fostering the synthesis of new collagen, as well as for more mature ones, thanks to its ability to smooth already existing wrinkles.

More in general, it acts on cellular health, by providing protection from free radicals and fostering an energizing activity, and on complexion, by reducing redness and illuminating and lightening skin.  



Considering that scalp is an extension of face and that it shares the same structure of the rest of skin, these activities, proven by efficacy tests, can be similarly transferred to what is traditionally referred-to as skincare.

However, we talk about scalp care since these tests were made on this specific area and also because the related claims are particularly expanding in this category. Indeed, both for exogenous factors (environmental aggressions, deposit of pollutants, aggressive products or excessive rubbing) and endogenous factors (stress, physiological processes, genetic predisposition), this area is prone to itching, erythema and sometimes even pain and burning sensation (trichodynia), all signs of a dysbiosis among the bacteria making up the healthy microbiota.

Up-Citrus Extract is able to act on the symptoms and calm the epidermis, reducing redness caused by erythema and improving related symptoms such as itching. However, it also acts on the prevention of discomforts and on improving the general health of the area by regulating its microbiota, for a fully revitalized and rebalancing action on scalp.



Lastly, when it comes to hair this extract is able to perform a metal detox activity, by preventing the adhesion of heavy metals particles on the shaft. More specifically, the metals tested were selected among those more present in the urban atmosphere, therefore this activity is to be considered as a direct anti-pollution action.

Still inside hair care, it is able to promote a conditioning and detangling efficacy, measured by its ability to reduce frizz and improve combing. As personal care market in general, but especially hair care and rinse-off category, is gradually refusing the use of synthetic ingredients, silicon-free claim is among the most desired by consumers when purchasing. However, this does not mean that they are willing to sacrifice the results or the pleasantness and ease of application, as they expect the same performances from products that do not contain them. That’s why when measuring these two parameters, we compared the results of Up-Citrus Extract with those of a silicon as benchmark, showing a silicon-like efficacy of the natural citrus extract with better results for both values.

Data: 21-05-2024