INCI name:

Cocoyl Proline, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate


Natifoam is an active blend including both anionic and non-ionic surfactants, making it suitable to be used as a complete mild cleansing solution for both skin and hair.
Thanks to the high foaming capacity, it is recommended to confer a dense, soft and long-lasting foam with a high sensorial pleasantness during application, without irritating skin nor altering its hydrolipidic layer (mildness efficacy tests were performed).
Its composition makes it possible to formulate crystal-clear liquid cleansing systems. It is as well used to solubilize perfumes in formulations.
Particularly suitable for hair care applications, Natifoam is able to protect hair color, as it prolongs the fastness of dyes – whether red, blonde or black – and reduce color loss compared to a SLES-base shampoo.


  • Highly foaming cleansers & washes
  • Shampoos & products for colored hair
  • Clear cleansing products
  • Sensitive skins products

Key features

  • Dense, soft and long-lasting foam
  • Hair color seal
  • Complete cleansing solution
  • Very mild on skin, it also mitigates SLES’ aggressiveness when used as co-surfactant
  • High Natural origin index

Usage Dosage

5 - 20%


Clear liquid

Efficacy tests

In Vitro

  • Color protection on 3 dyes: black, blonde, red

In vivo

  • Mildness on skin (erythema, TEWL, dehydration)




  • Formulation aid
  • Hair care
  • Sensitive skin

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