Discover Sinerga emulsifiers for make-up formulations!

Our range is made of emulsifiers with a natural origin and high performances, being able to create a great variety of products that range from skincare to makeup. 

Sinerga R&D lab has developed 3 foundations to show the versatility of 2 of our emulsifiers

  • Supreme (O/W): emulsifier with a silky touch, it allows to create light foundations that blend with the skin to confer a "no make-up" look. Extremely versatile, Supreme doesn't have incompatibility in supporting pigments, oils and filters (both physical and chemical) in the formulation. The 2 Supreme-based foundations differ for the presence of Pea.Protein, active ingredient in powder based on Pisum Sativum with an immediate lifting, hydrating and elasticizing effect. 

  • Ewocream (W/O): although W/O, it is able to create richer and creamy foundations while conferring a pleasant texture avoiding sticky or greasy sensation; after the application, skin is left with a feeling of silky dry. 
Data: 15-10-2020