Maskne: is it a thing?

As per its name, maskne means mask-induced acne and other dermatologic conditions - mainly contact dermatitis - that affect skin when it stays in contact with mask for a long time: indeed, wearing often the mask causes high stress and mechanic aggressions to the epidermic, which results in breakouts, redness, irritation, sensitization and bumps. 

Although its symptomatology shares a similar profile with acne condition, maskne isn’t caused by the same factors and needs therefore to be dealt with through different methods, following a correct beauty routine.

Sinerga created 3 products, from morning to night, to prevent maskne conditions and recover from existing manifestations: 

  • SKIN AWAKE: daily cream to be applied in the morning before wearing mask to prepare skin. Its formulation is a valid ally to protect skin from mechanic stress, reinforcing and repairing the skin barrier from mask chafing that may alter its structure, while at the same time preventing bacteria proliferation and pores occlusion with a mild exfoliation. It is based on Tri-Solve - skin barrier recovery agent able to restore the stratum corneum and inhibit dehydration damages - and Star Anise Extract - multifunctional agent with an exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and anti microbial activity.
  • HYDRATING DROPS: hydrating mist to be used all day long, whenever needed. Its light refreshing formulation gives immediate hydration and relief to stressed skin, thanks to the presence of Trealix - a complete hydrating and moisturizing ingredient, able to confer both an immediate (after 1 from application) and long lasting hydration - and Avenolat - oat derived phytolat with remarkable soothing and hydrating properties. The microbial inhibitor Mintiol, here included as a booster for other preservatives but able also to act as the only preservative-free solution of the formula, confers a refreshing sensation thanks to the cooling properties of Mint. 
  • RECHARCHING MASK: a complete recovering treatment with a jelly texture that perfectly blends with skin, to be used at the end of the day to let skin breathe and get rid of harmful elements that piled up during the day, soothe from irritation and inflammation, and hydrate to prevent skin from breaking and flaking. It is very rich in active ingredients, with Verochic - pure powder of Shikimic Acid to exfoliate and renew skin without causing irritation or damaging its hydrolipidic film, a fundamental feature in maskne condition when irritation is very common; Red Alga Gel- red algae extract able to moisturize and prevent dehydration, thanks to its film-forming properties, and acting also as a texture improving agent; star ingredient is Leniphenol, a 360° protection able to soothe skin reducing inflammation, redness and oxidation, while also forming a shield against pollution and UV rays. 

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Data: 22-12-2020