Neuroamarketing: an innovative approach for skincare

When speaking about cosmetics, the communication is usually around the efficacy and the results that can be achieved by its use. Which is surely important, as it should be the main purpose of the product, however, we shouldn’t ignore what is actually the first and most decisive factor in almost all our life’s purchasing habits: 

the pleasure that using the product gives to us.

Indeed, emotions and irrational processes are the real drivers in consumers' behavior and deeply affect purchasing choices. And when we speak about cosmetic, we talk about sensorial pleasure given by the texture enhancing ingredients

What is the role of neuromarketing? 

It answers the need for a better understanding of the customer behavior and decision-making processes: in this way, it enables the investigation of the reasons behind certain explicit reactions with the aim of developing increasingly appreciated products and solutions. When applied to cosmetics, neuromarketing techniques enable to identify those sensorial feautures – tactile, olfactory and visual – preferred by consumers.


For this reason Sinerga collaborated with Iulm University to evaluate the sensorial pleasantness (both conscious and unconscious) experienced during the application of formulations based on Sinerga ingredients by measuring the irrational brain response through neuromarketing techniques: 

  • Cognitive involvement: analysis EEG to understand the cognitive involvement in the brain hemispheres linked to the application of the products.
  • Emotional index: analysis of skin conductance and heart rate to understand the level of physiological emotional activation linked to the application of the products.
  • Facial expression: analysis with Face Reader of the micro movements of face muscles to detect facial expressions and consequently the type of emotions felt during the application of the products.
  • Rational index: analysis of the rational elaboration of participants to understand how brain processed the experience and compare it with neuro-physiological data.

The obtained results were able to show the enhanced sensoriality of formulations enriched with Sinerga texturizer and emulsifiers, specifically Natifeel, Supreme and Sensocream. Positive performances have been measured both in reference to the benchmarks and in absolute terms.

Discover more by asking to us for the full project presentation and watch the video here

Data: 23-03-2023