Sinerga for sustainability

On 27th of September, Sinerga participated in a customer seminar organized by Azelis; a good opportunity to talk about sustainability in the skincare world.

We presented our range of green emulsifiers and our actives coming from natural sources Leniphenol, Dolcévia and Red Alga Gel. 

Leniphenol: the perfect ingredient for a “Sustainable Beauty” in harmony with the environment, derived from the bark of certificated industrial wood wastes respecting FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) criteria. Especially recommended for sensitive skins, it inhibits skin inflammatory response and protects from oxidation damages; it is also able to shield skin from pollution and UV rays, acting also as a booster for both chemical and physical filters . 

Dolcévia:  with 100 % natural origin, extracted from fine Stevia Rebaudiana dry leaves, Dolcevia® is a natural derivative able to soothe face micro-muscular involuntary contractions. Its rapid de-stressing action is already perceivable after 7 days; the skin becomes smoother, pampered and regenerated.

Red Alga Gel: obtained by Pacific Ocean red algae extract (Ahnfeltiopsis concinna), it performs a film-forming, hydrating, softening and moisturizing activity. Thanks to its high sensorial pleasure and its compatibility with the main cosmetic ingredients, Red Alga Gel is the ideal ingredient to create a versatile and high-performing base for many formulations, while also donating consistency to the emulsion. 

You can find more information in the respective pages (Leniphenol, Dolcévia, RAG) and downloading our green emulsifiers brochure

Data: 27-09-2018