TOP 15 at Prix de la formulation 2024

After the successful results of the 2023 edition, also this year we have been announced that our formulation is among the TOP 15 at Prix de la formulation, out of the 85 proposals.

This year the topic was the

incoming 2024 Paris Olympic games

We therefore decided to provide a complete solution for the recovery of body and skin after an intense physical activity, such as those of professional athletes. Our goal was to act on different levels – microcirculation, muscles pain, heaviness and cellular energy - without compromising the pleasantness of texture (key point when the area of application is huge, or when the product is intended for a prolonged use) nor the importance of choosing natural alternatives as ingredients.

OG body’ SOS

Anti-fatigue Solution for Olympic Sport athletes

It’s a very light refreshing emulgel to confer an anti-fatigue and energizing effect to the whole body after intense physical activity, to accelerate its recovery.
Its combination of active ingredients allows to confer a complete relief sensation after competitions:

  • from a deeper level, as it reduces heaviness on limbs and muscles while increasing microcirculation (essential to deeply increase oxygen intake and faster recovery),
  • up to skin level, as it is able to soothe, reduce redness and increase ATP production in cells to provide a boost of energy, while acting on thermoreceptors to confer a general refreshing sensation.

All these properties in a highly natural formulation, whose structure is made by a combination of:

  • Nanocream, green emulsifier able to create translucent micellar emulsions with fine particle dimensions (100-300 nm) and a very quick absorption, with no greasiness feeling;
  • Natirheo, natural rheological additive, derived from Sclerotium and Carob gums, completely replacing the presence of synthetic viscosity increasing agents such as carbomer. It is very easy to incorporate in formulations and has a high compatibility with main commonly used ingredients, making it an ideal solution for a great variety of formulations. 


Data: 11-01-2024