TOP 10 FINALIST FORMULATIONS at Prix de la Formulation 2023!

Protect the marine environment and your skin 

The impact of suncare products is more and more under the radar, especially when it comes to the consequences of their usage for the marine environment. Not only due to the presence of some UV filters, but for all synthetic and not biodegradable ingredients included that end up permanently in the environment and are questioned for their effect on the flora, fauna and even our health due to food-chain contamination.Yet, at the same time, we have never been more aware of the importance to protect our skin from UV rays to prevent cellular damages, premature photo-aging, and more serious pathologies.

From this need to combine sustainability with protection from UV induced damages, Sinerga R&D developed Waterlover Sun Protection SPF30, an eco-friendly sunscreen based on natural, not harmful ingredients safe for both human health and the environment in a very pleasant and light texture during application:

  • its natural emulsifier Supreme confers a light texture easy to spread and with no sticky residues, even in the presence of a high percentage of physical filter (with a completely natural cover), which usually weight the feeling of the cream during application.
  • The star ingredient is the innovative natural blend Natirheo that act as a rheological modifier, completely replacing the synthetic counterparts that end up in the environment and are questioned, as microplastics, for their long-term effects, both for nature and even for our own health (through food-chain contamination).
  • It is also enriched with a highly soothing natural extract, Leniphenol®, able to inhibit UV-induced irritation and ROS production, as well as with a hydrating agent, Trealix, to prevent dryness and desquamation.
Data: 30-01-2023