New hair care kit available

Hair care market is on the rise
: new products and claims keep entering into this segment, as people’s request for an increased variety is stronger than ever.

This change is particularly pulled by the Skinification trend, which keeps intensifying as people realize that hair beauty and health originate from the roots, in other words the scalp, and that the latter is prone to all features as the skin of our face. Moreover, many scalp-related problems are the cause of hair aspect or diseases (fall, thinning, dryness, ..) 

Furthermore, more generally hair show a lot about ourselves and they are a great indicator of our age and health, more and more appreciated by consumers who are increasingly focusing their attention on this area.

Also for the cosmetic ingredients unit, in Sinerga we strongly believe in a proactive approach: deeply knowing the market and consumers' needs allows us to develop updated ingredients that are able to provide actual solutions for current and future trends, as well as create innovative ideas for B2C companies. 

That’s why Sinerga R&D and the Sinerga Trends Lab worked together to create this new hair care kit with 6 innovative and market-oriented formulations making up a comprehensive routine to support hair and enhance their health during modern lifestyle:

  • DETOX SCALP CLEANSER - Exfoliating & revitalizing pre-shampoo: 

Scalp cleanser to be applied on dry hair & scalp, before washing. The application through a massage to spread the product allows to improve microcirculation and foster the permeation of the active ingredients inside, for deeper and more effective results. Hair care market is now expanding rapidly, requiring a greater variety of products and claims other than traditional shampoo and conditioner, often borrowing ingredients for skincare. Indeed, this cleanser brings to scalp care the claims and ingredients of a skincare product, fostering microcirculation to revitalize and strengthen hair, while gently exfoliating, freeing it from pollution, dirty and external elements that pile up during the day and can weaken the hair follicles, thanks to Verochic®. Lastly, the presence of Red Alga Gel and Trealix brings a synergistic hydrating and film-forming activity, to strengthen skin barrier and prevent water loss.

  • COLOR CONTROL - Hydra-booster shampoo

Hydration booster shampoo based on a blend of mild surfactants with a very gentle cleansing activity, as they do not cause irritation nor alter the hydrolipidic film of a sensitive area such as scalp, but at the same time they are able to confer a pleasant, soft and thick foam.
The presence of Trealix confers a very good hydration on scalp after just 1 minute, therefore creating an active shampoo with just a brief massage. Scalp is regenerated and hydrated, not damaged by washing but instead restored by it. The chosen surfactants have also a very specific haircare activity: Natifoam is able to effectively protect hair color, preventing it from fading, making it the perfect ally for dyed hair, while Coco Pea.Soft is obtained from hydrolyzed pea proteins, which show a very similar amino acidic spectrum to keratin, therefore is a valid ally to protect hair shaft.


Natural restructuring mask to perform an extreme restructuring activity on hair with a fully vegan keratin—answering the increased attention over sustainable practices and lifestyle, as well as cruelty-free products, which has led the way for vegan products.
Amino Keratin, based on bio-fermented amino acids, is able to strengthen hair, fully restructure them by closing the cuticles and smoothing their surface, as well as enhance their glow and hydration.
Its activity is supported by Vegequat®, natural conditioning agent able to repair hair damage, enhance as well their glow and perform a strong anti-frizzy effect. An intensive treatment to give your hair a complete makeover!

  • EXTENDED STYLING SPRAY - Heat protection & hairstyle fixing spray

Multi functional product with a double action: to be applied on damp hair, it is able to protect hair from heat damages caused by the hairdryer and, if then it is used a styling tool such as a flat or curling iron, it is able to effectively prolong the hair style, up to 48 hours. It also strengthens hair so that they better resist the stress caused by styling and drying, making a complete ally for strong and healthy hair. This multi functionality is given by Hair App, which is able to conjugate hair protection and style enhancer in a unique, biodegradable active ingredient, making the short Inci list of the spray easy to communicate and perceived as safer for hair health. Moreover, by protecting hair from heat damages and stress, it allows frequent hairstyles to change hair look whether wanted.

  • ANTI-POLLUTION MIST - Urban hair protection

We are now well aware of the effects of pollution on our skin, so why shouldn’t we think it is the same for hair? This product blends a good protection, preventing the adhesion of pollution particles to the hair thanks to Leniphenol®, with the concept of a on-the-go beauty product, to be applied whenever needed to protect hair: after gym, at work, before going out… The mist format makes it suitable to be used more times a day in a quick and practical way. It has as well a strong anti-oxidant activity that, similarly to skin, is fundamental against premature aging of hair and to preserve hair beauty for a longer time.

  • TRICHO-REMEDY - Anti hair loss lotion

Hair loss is now not a taboo anymore, and above all, it is now common knowledge that it does not affect only man. Hectic lifestyles, pandemic and socio-economic crisis have put a lot of stress on people, and we know how stress has a deep impact on hair thinning and increased loss.
This lotion is rich in active ingredients to increase hair growth and proliferation, such as Tricho-Solve®, or improve microcirculation, such as X-Solve® and caffeine, making it a valid ally to both prevent and counteract fragility and loss of hair: efficacy has been proven by a clinical test that achieved important results in just 30 days.

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Data: 22-04-2024